AFANE (All Fingers Are Not Equal)


We all weren’t going to be equal after all.

Amid class, segregation, rise and fall.

Opportunities vary and begging isn’t something they are proud of.

A better life they would have lived without all these loots.

The mistakes had been made, the rot is already there; we can’t look up at the roof.

We ‘ve got to focus on our problems from a position not aloof.

We are never better until we prioritise fixing this over an extra pair of boot.

#MinutesBeforeMidnight #HealTheWorld #MakingItABetterPlace


Contentment; The Shortcut to Happiness and Tranquillity



         Contentment bears many blessed fruits.More than anything else, by being contented with that which is decreed, one is able to soar to the highest levels of faith and truthfulness.


       Some might wish for only good to befall them, for only pleasant things to occur in their lives, but this way, contentment can’t be gauged.Many beautiful characters which include patience, total dependence, contentment, humbleness, fear of God e.t.c only become manifest when one is confronted with something he being pleased with that which has been decreed does not mean being contented with only those things that suits one’s disposition; The real gauge for true contentment are those Times when one goes through a painful situation.

NB:Human beings do not have much of a choice in regards to divine decree; The choice and the decision thereof belong only with the most high, The all Knowing.




Emotion is any conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure. Emotion is often intertwined with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation.

Clean mind is half way to successful results. When you need to bring an important decision, your brain should be in chill out position, and your nerves should be calm. Unfortunately, mostly it’s not like that, so we have bunch of decisions which are made in state of anger, rage, wrath or even hate. Emotions are beautiful part of every human being, but just in a case when we control them or when we use them the right way. When you let your emotions to go wild, results will be unexpected and not as you wanted. Feelings are as furious dogs. If you let them to rule over you, they will bite you.

Happy Poor, Sad Rich


            It is not uncommon to see laborers who are so poor that whatever they earn on any given day is spent on that same day. Yet many of them are happy, peaceful, with strong hearts and tranquil souls.This is because they are to busy to think about yesterday or tomorrow.Their lifestyle has given them an appreciation of today since they have not been afforded the oppurtunity of thinking about anything else.


Compare these to those who live in mansions. Inactivity and free time have afforded them with plentiful time to think about their problems and their lack of purpose in life.Thus misery and worry afflict many of them day and night.
Happiness is a divine gift that doesn’t distinguish between the rich and the poor. Be contempted and grateful.
Happiness is all that you need.



I hear the splashing of rain
It has filled the rivers and drains
Emotions flood the watery lane;
One that can cause so much pain.

Ruthlessly, It has found a way;
To their homes and their farms array.
As lifes get washed away,
It flooded from their eyes into a bay.

Now they live under the sky with so much to fear.
Pools surround everywhere,
They are lost out here
Awaiting the day the ship is going to sail them right through their tears.



The society pays no attention whatsoever to the younger generation until they grow and quietly become something they disapprove. Its like planting a seed and just leaving it to bloom on its own but when it withers slowly and don’t come out nice, you blame it for not being able to blossom into something beautiful. We can do better to ensure we make the world a better place.