Who will?

Where will you go when your car breaks down?

Who will sew your clothes when it is torn?

Who will tilt the soil and plant seeds in order to yield the food we eat?

Who will convey you water when it isn’t passed through the pipes and gushing out of the taps?

Who would have done the labour for a beautiful work of architecture?

We do not like to get into the mud, so without them there are no stories.

Our fantasies/imaginations only became reality because they deared;

They climbed the highest height,
Got into the sticky mud.
Carry the heavy materials a pen can’t raise.
Tilt the soil for a tree to grow,
Touch the grease and hear unpleasant sounds
Because of them, our dreams came true!

When next you see them, appreciate them and don’t condescend.

Teach your kids and younger ones how to respect them too.

You might want a different path for your kids but it’s not okay to address this people with condecense

There is no such thing as a bad job!
All that is done need to be done for us to have a balanced society.
📸 Blaize Itodo


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