Who am I when I mock tragedy and prefer it to befall another?

Who am I when I wish ill I don’t want to befall me befall my brother?

Am I right to wish my leader to fail and not for God to guide?

Who am I when I support wrong, just to condemn right?

Who am I when I create spoils just to cause ruins?

Who am I when my decisions and judgements are clouded by sentiment?

Am I right when I disrespect his choice, belief and expect him to respect mine?

Who am I when I shun morals for some social ill standard?

Who am I when I take the life of another all in the name of our differences?

Who am I when I sit back and watch wrong turn right?


Muslims Are Not Terrorists

Who I really am;
Is who you see walk into the room,
With a smile and joyous aura
With wishes of peace and Great tidings
Dine and play with your kids
Modest and eat from what you feed
Prays he lives you better than he met

An angel before been categorized
Or told of his/her belief
A tag and all this deter
And he’s judged for the sins of another
Who I am shouldn’t be what you are told
But what you must have seen or known.
#MinutesBeforeMidnight #MuslimsAreNotTerrorists


Two poetic conversatives
In the city of Guns and Knives
Our ears receiving here and there;
The Stereophonic nightmare

I heard a priest was killed
Blood of hundreds were spilled
The streets are filled;
With bereaved families of innocent kills

Death like a familiar-hear
The once brave minds are filled with fear
Their beloved eyes, a pool of tears
Fear of losing lives of ones so dear

Their Farms are not safe,
Their homes too,
The food baskets are so empty,
No clue on what to do

Where do they go to from here?
Where are the bannermen whom ‘ve sworn to protect?
We all need to stay woke for our family due.
Or we sleep beautifully today and tomorrow loose more than a few

Cruelty in Silence


Cruelest is the man who sits and says nothing
Stand alone stare with a harrowing message
Or maybe it’s the poorest, crudest of man
Who we all brand as vicious, biting off hands
But then what of the angry indignant man
The one who feels drained with no moral compass
Moans and groans develops own brands of justice
Then there’s the soldier in all different shapes
Who plunders and kills or kidnaps and rapes
No words for the actions of each head of state
No words for the actions of the man who wont stand
No words for all those who play life at high stakes

Doesn’t life burn you when spending it thinking
So here we all are; fast living and sinking.

Drowning Emotions


Your mind is like the ocean
A constant wave of emotion
For a second it was a storm of hate crashing out
Now it is a calm tide of love surfacing about

Beneath the tides lie countless wrecks
Like memories resting inside my head
I thought I’d forgotten
Placed them deep below
But they surface from time to time
Trying to stay afloat

My mind has a never ending complexity
I own it – yet struggle to control it
It is drowning in emotion
It is struggling to keep afloat

But for now I will bathe in the undisputed unknown.